Jeans is almost the chief theme of our lives, it is the enduring “eternal” world of fashion, but no matter how good it is, the jeans has a normal characteristic – when cleaning, it will lose color. Long time ago, the jeans has become prevalent, but no matter how nice pair of jeans, it will fade after washing. Most of the jeans will fade, so people should be very careful when cleaning them. How to keep the jeans? How to protect the jeans click more details better? We should do some vital color retention treatments, or the color of jeans will fade. Here are a few methods, I hope they will offer you some help.}

The ways of washing

The first approach. If this is the first time for you to wash the COOGI JEANS, you must pour some white vinegar into the water. And douse the jeans about half an hour to remain colors. Since dark jeans will have a little fade, and white vinegar can try to save the original blue color that shine. The share our website second method. Please do not let shiny jeans soak in the hot water, if you do this, then there will have a large degree of shrinkage phenomenon. In the washing process of jeans, the water temperature should be maintained below 30 degrees. If possible, please do not use the washing machine to wash jeans, since it will break the sense of the jeans, then the jeans will become unnatural. Also do not iron the jeans for the purpose of maintaining the natural jeans. The third method. Always keep in mind to turn over the jeans, Check our website then wash the jeans. If the jeans are foul with oil or other special stuff, please do not use washing powder, because the washing powder will make jeans fade. Likewise, you can use the water to clean it. The fourth way. Turn over the jeans after cleaning, hang it from the waist and dry it in the dry and ventilated place. Do not get sun exposure, it will make the jeans fade. The fifth method. Thus if your jeans are very foul, you can use dish soap. The sixth approach. If you would like to make the jeans dry out, please turn over it to dehydrate, also not spend a lot of time.

How to protect the jeans?

The first approach. The best time to clean the jeans is six to twelve months. A number of people will wash the jeans after a short time. Actually, this is a bad method to protect jeans. Over time, your jeans will be warped, and you will not present your special style and a good stature. The second method. Jeans are often soaked in sweat in summer, but you do not have to worry about it, as long as you put the jeans in a well ventilated place. Then spray some water, and let it dry in wind. At last, the flavor in jeans will pass away. You can scatter some water on the top of dirty, and then gently wash it off, and in the end let the jeans dry naturally. The third approach. If your jeans is the particular synthetic fabrics, you can refer to the instructions.